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19 & 20 NOV 2019


3 ways the personalised nutrition trend is influencing the restaurant industry

The emerging personalized nutrition trend is influencing different industries from health & wellness to technology and now restaurants. Personalised nutrition refers to tailoring nutritional advice to the individual specifically. This can be done at various levels, but we currently seeing the increase usage of technology and diagnostics in influencing food choices and behavior. This is largely driven by more educated consumers, availability of digital content, and an increased awareness that prevention is better than cure. The restaurant and take-away industry need to ensure to meet consumer demands for healthy options, food that fits their preferences en beliefs, as well as providing products and services that fit in with their technology-enables lives.

Below are some examples:

1. Augmented reality

Forget PokemonGo, think more KabaQ app which allows you to see a 3D image of the dish from the menu directly on your tablet or smartphone before ordering at the table or online. In addition, other content such as 360 degree content such as nutritional, allergen and sensory description could be displayed when pointing to a menu item.

2. The Personalised plate

In general, a dish is served as per description, but now imagine a way of ensuring that your plate matches your health profile too. Vitamojo is setting a new trend for allowing customers to customize the weight of their macronutrients (protein, carbs, fiber). Not only does this help to do away with “supersize portions” but also helps to cut down on food waste when individuals only consume what they need.

3. Technology to enable food choice

Just knowing that food is safe to eat is not enough anymore, consumers are demanding more information to be available at their fingertips. For instance, for consumers with special strict dietary requirements such as for gluten, need to be extra vigilant about ingredients and food preparation methods. New technologies such as Nima can detect whether a product contains gluten within 2 minutes, providing reassurance to the consumer, but can in turn also elevate the restaurant brand by guaranteeing that their menu-items are indeed gluten-free. Of course all this is shared via social-media channels.

The personalized nutrition trend is going mainstream! To learn more about current developments, technologies and what you can do to meet your customers´ needs, make sure to attend my talk or visit our booth #8036  to hear how we can help you get ready.


By: Mariette Abrahams (Personalised Nutrition Business Consultant)

Freelance Dietitians UK