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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Finance Solutions for Restaurants

Does your restaurant accept card payments? Merchant Money offers a revolutionary new product to finance your business…

Does your restaurant accept card payments? Merchant Money offers a revolutionary new product to finance your business. This ‘’Pay As You Trade’’ product provides you with advances from £3,500 upwards based on future debit/credit card sales. Easy online applications, no hidden fees and you repay at your own pace.

Small businesses across the UK are struggling to secure the funding they need to grow. Fortunately, new, online lenders such as Merchant Money have stepped in, providing SMEs with easy-access finance on flexible terms.

Merchant Money is one of the leaders among this new breed of forward-looking lenders committed to helping small businesses pursue their growth objectives despite the obstacles.

The Pay As You Trade product is specifically designed for businesses that accept card payments. The product is so accessible, that Merchant Money’s client approval rate for the product stands at around 90 %. There are no additional fees to worry about, no penalties or security required. And because there’s no fixed term to the repayments, there’s never any pressure. With Pay As You Trade, there is no such thing as a missed payment – our clients pay only when they earn.

v  Repay at your own pace
v  Only repay when you trade
v  No hidden costs  
v  Flexible rates
v  24-hour approval

How does it work?

1) Easy online application
Take 2 minutes to fill out our online application form. It’s free and there are no commitments.

2) Get funded
Once approved, we provide you with an upfront advance. This is usually up to 100% of your average monthly card turnover

3) Grow your business
Use the advance in any way your business needs! Most restaurants use the funds to buy stock, refurbish or manage cash flow gaps.

4) Flexible repayments
We take a small, agreed % of all future card sales. You only repay when customers pay you!

The Borough, an award-winning hotel in Lancaster, is among a number of businesses that have approached Merchant Money to provide seed funding for an initial project, and then returned to it as their needs have evolved. Martin Horner, director of The Borough says:

“Fortunately, Merchant Money understand my business and have assisted me in improving my facilities several times. Their process is fast and simple, and their team is great to deal with. I will definitely partner with them again.”

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For more information about the products Merchant Money offers, call Merchant Money on 0800 848 8480, visit or email