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Why Businesses Should Use Video Marketing

According to a Cisco forecast, online video will make up 82% of Internet traffic in 2021.The forecast also predicts the amount of bandwidth consumed to grow as more video is consumed and higher-quality videos are watched. Over the next four years, video is expected to see the fastest rate of growth. In 2016 alone video users doubled to 1.5 billion and video accounted for 73% of traffic. 1.5 billion video searches originate from businesses. A survey by Forbes Magazine revealed that, on a weekly basis, 75% of executives watched work related videos from the office. 

Higher Conversion Rate and Return on Investment 

Video can also have a conversion rate of up to 64%. Reports from marketing analysts have shown a sales increase of close to 25% or sometimes more for businesses that use on demand video, video email or streaming video podcasts. Deploying video marketing as a campaign strategy will yield good results.

Done correctly, video can be a great sales catalyst because of its richness in content that can easily resonate and connect with a particular target audience. A live demonstration of a product or service is more likely to increase client response and influence or persuade them to take action or make a purchase.

Creating Brand Awareness, Building Credibility and Trust

Video marketing is a powerful online medium that any serious business cannot afford to ignore. According to most online users, trust and credibility comes first and seeing a business representative talk to them face to face helps to melt away doubt and builds trust. But sending personnel to different locations at the same time to set up product demos does not only make less economic sense but can be an expensive exercise. This can easily be achieved by using video through platform that hosts videos, that can also be easily accessed by those interested. 

Ranking Factors and Online Visibility

One of the key components of video marketing is, distributing and syndicating videos to authority hosting platforms, Like YouTube, Tumblr, Vimeo, the largest being YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, from Google and the two are sister search engines. 

YouTube is about video and receives over 1 billion visitors every month, with over 4 billion videos being watched every month. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube servers every minute, 70% of the views come from outside the United States. YouTube videos have an audience in over 51 countries and 61 languages. There is overwhelming evidence that YouTube is the largest video hub and a powerhouse for hosting video marketing campaigns.

Because YouTube is an authority search engine with a very good relationship with Google, it is very possible to rank videos on page 1 of Google within a short space of time. Ranking on page 1 of Google for the right keywords can increase traffic to an online business. If done correctly using longtail buyer keywords and competitor analysis a video marketing campaign can produce very good results.

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