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How to Become Irreplaceable in the Workplace

Becoming irreplaceable isn’t an exact science. Respect, dependability and hard work are three core values at the heart of being a good manager in the hospitality industry. Being great at your job is one thing. Becoming irreplaceable is another. 

Planday shares tips on how to make yourself indispensable in the workplace.

Know what’s going on

Make yourself irreplaceable by becoming the go-to person for colleagues. Inspire trust and be that person people seek out for advice. People will respect and appreciate you for being dependable and approachable.

Back to basics

You should know everything about your business. You should never ask a member of your team to do something you don’t yourself know how to do yourself. You will earn respect and loyalty knowing your job inside out and what is required of your team members. No task is too small. 

See the bigger picture

Show true leadership by knowing how your work contributes to the big picture within your business. How does your department affect shareholders? Excel at the day-to-day activity as well as forecasting roadblocks and opportunities? As well as your department, the business as a whole should see you as irreplaceable.

Be vocal and visible

Actively participate in meetings. Engage with people around you and the business as a whole so that you gain visibility within the company. This is key to becoming indispensable within your company and seen as instrumental to its overall success.

Adapt to your workplace

Don’t be one of those people who resists change. Businesses change all of the time and your role will need to reflect this.  Offer to help, rather than not seeing it as part of your job/department.  Be prepared to offer ideas on how to make the business more efficient and look to support others. Employers like managers they can count on as well as look to for ideas.

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