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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Pizza Express Launches New Payment App

Pizza Express has invented the “PizzaExpress” app to solve the common annoyance diners have for having to wait too long to pay for their meal. This was in response to survey conducted by the restaurant chain where they found that 69% of Brits say that waiting for the bill the most annoying part of eating out.

The app can also be used to redeem vouchers and customers can use the app to split the bill with their fellow diners, and will be available across all 470+ PizzaExpress restaurants. 

Timothy Love, Senior Marketing Manager at PizzaExpress, said: “We are always looking at ways we can improve our customers’ experiences and our new app will do just that.

“The “pay at the table” function by Flyt is ideal for people who don’t want to waste time trying to sort the bill.”

The new app that they developed in collaboration with Flyt - known as Flypay - means that customers can pay the bill the same amount of time it takes to devour one of their famous  dough balls. 

According the Pizza Express’ research, their app will save a customer on average three hours a year, now their app allows people to pay in less than a minute. 

The introduction of the click and collect functionality will commence in late spring and will allow customers to order and collect pizzas on the go. 

The app is now available on iTunes and Google Play.