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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Helping Fish & Chip Shops Embrace the Digital Revolution

Over the last 12 months App4 have seen a huge shift within the Fish and Chip sector, with dozens of businesses choosing to embrace the Mobile App and Online ordering era and use it to increase revenues, expand in to new services and reach more customers.

Baked & Battered, is one such business, that has worked closely with App4 over the last 6 months to implement a Mobile App and Online ordering system to their two shops.  They have seen an amazing response from new and old customers, as well as helping them to expand home delivery, for a business that had been traditionally reliant on walk in and telephone orders.

Baked & Battered pride themselves on being a friendly, fresh and modern fish and chip orientated business and are known for their punchy and forward-thinking approach to business.  With any new process in any business, Baked & Battered were looking for an App and Online ordering partner that could work with them to maintain their brand focus and deliver a system that would provide a simplified customer journey, all without losing any convenience, choice or service their customers were used to already.

App4 worked with Baked & Battered’s existing web development partners, to integrate online ordering in to their existing website, as well as providing a custom built and fully branded Mobile App for Apple and Android devices.  One of the key requirements for Baked & Battered was to have a multi-outlet ordering service, that was simple for customers to find the right shop to order from, based on their address.  App4 were able to provide a simple postcode lookup service for customers, that would find which store was nearest and provided the service they needed.

Introducing new systems to existing businesses can sometimes be worrying for staff, so managing change was key to the App and Online orderings success. App4 were able to work with Baked & Battered’s existing Epos provider, minimising training and any change for the staff.  To aid the order processing App4 also provided a custom printing service, simply by swapping an existing printer for an intelligent Epson Printer we were able to provide fully customisable receipts, controlled through the App4 platform.

Since going live with App4, Baked & Battered have seen a significant growth in repeat orders from App and Online users, as well as an increase in the average order value over walk-in and telephone orders. Another unexpected benefit is the reduction in calls coming in to the stores, which has meant that for those customers still calling, they don't have to wait in a call queue during peak times. Overall the introduction of the App and Online ordering has helped Baked & Battered to reduce the need for the additional members of staff to man the phones, giving a healthy cost saving to the business.

To find out more about our App4’s mobile App and Online ordering here, or get in touch to have an informal conversation regarding a complete solution for your business.