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19 & 20 NOV 2019



The Top 3 Tips on Networking for Restaurateurs

Everything is changing, all around you.

But do you want to know what will always remain the same? Networking.

Here is a small snapshot of searches for “Kitchen Equipment” – although quite cyclical the graph below shows us that searching for equipment and manufacturers still remains strong.

You have resources all around you to find the right businesses and people, many people go to Google, some even take to Twitter and even dedicated resources like Scabrou, however networking is key to meet the right people and connect, shows remain the best resource.

Here are 3 resources in helping you network at your next trade show:

Build Friends, Not Customers: 

People enjoy working with people that they like - the better people know you, the more likely they are to hire you, recommend you for other work, or join your community. 

That’s how it works with us all. And often the personal connections you make at one event can lead to unforeseen opportunities years later. 

Attending events is about the long game, not the short-term gain.

Don’t buy a ticket and hang out in the lobby 

Yes sounds counter-intuitive. 

If you avoid the trade show, you can focus on separate meetings, smaller lunches and influencer dinners

Don’t look at size often the real deals get away from the noise of the larger event.

At smaller trade shows you have more time to connect with people, at larger shows you have more variety to feed the eye.

Treat your trade show like any other outing

When trade show communities come together, it’s a powerful thing.

Conferences are often the most logical and convenient places to cement strong friendship bonds.

Our lives get busy, and we often miss chances to see former colleagues and collaborators.

Treat conferences like a reunion for friends to get together every year. Friends are the people who will collaborate with you in the future, recommend you for work, and help open doors for you along the way to success. 

And events are where you can make these connections rock solid.