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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Meet the food ordering service your business needs!

The Opportunity

Currently, in the UK there are approximately 56k takeaways and thousands of Restaurants that offer online food ordering services.  In 2018 there are estimated to be more than 15.8 million online takeaway users, which is expected to grow to 24.5m by 2022. Therefore, we know there is an ever-growing demand for the convenient service by consumers, takeaways and restaurants. 

The Challenge

Whilst there are many online ordering services available in the UK, all of them are designed to squeeze as much profit out of the process as possible, which seriously affects the bottom line of the restaurants and takeaways.  

This has caused a lot of stress, hardship and concern throughout the online food community. 

At Eat2Earn, the CEO Akki Ahmed has been heavily involved in the catering industry for over 25 years. He owns restaurants and takeaways in the North East and he has seen first-hand just how it is hurting the industry.  He has noted that most of the people he encountered over the last 2 years have shared their frustration, showing concern with the high ongoing cost of the services that were already on the market. 

To address the trend, he decided to do something to help the industry resulting in the creation of eat2earn. 

eat2earn provides a fairer system and creates a win/win situation for everyone who participates in the service.

The Next Evolution in Online Food Ordering Systems. 

eat2earn benefits both the customer and takeaways by giving back 50% of the fees charged on orders. It’s an amazing concept that rewards everyone for participating rather than paying for expensive advertising campaigns.  

eat2earn is unique in this industry, it helps Takeaways generate ongoing income from their customers by permanently connecting them together. This means that a customer truly is your customer, even when they order from a competitor the takeaway still generates revenue. Also, if a takeaway is closed they can still generate an income when their registered customers buy takeaways via the eat2earn platform. 

eat2earn will bring customers to the platform by offering our service to organisations with large member bases (e.g. NHS, Factories, Supermarkets) and those who need to raise funds (e.g. charities, football clubs).  

eat2earn is comparable to the other platforms available on the market but our goal is to help takeaways survive and make profits by incentivising both customers and takeaways to use our platform. 

It’s time to take a stand, it’s time to embrace positive change with eat2earn on your side and a platform built for you.

Currently, eat2earn is only available in the UK and we still have openings for founder members to join us as affiliates and takeaways to help grow the brand.  In the future, we will look to expand beyond the UK, once we have established the brand in the UK.  

Everyone at eat2earn looks forward to helping you generate more profits and hearing your success story over the coming months and years.