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19 & 20 NOV 2019




Youmeal is a start-up specialized in the field of food information. Its software technology collects, corrects and enriches information about food ingredients (several hundreds of thousands) and analyses recipes taking into account the cooking processes. At last, Youmeal provides the complete nutritional identity card of the recipe as well as some elements of its environmental impact.

The centralised management, the accuracy of the source information and the user-friendliness of the interfaces bring several added values : time saving, accuracy, legal compliancy, product optimisation (food cost included), fluid sharing of information with suppliers and information adapted to the expectation of the consumers.

After several years of R & D within UC-Louvain, the company is managed by a team of three founders with a background of bio-engineer, civil engineer and economist and bringing together a significant experience in the food sector, start-up management, IT and nutrition.

Youmeal is now used by significant references in the food topic such as Compass and LunchGarden and consumer feedback is enthusiastic.

Tel: +32497055212

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