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19 & 20 NOV 2019



The Muff Liquor Company- Muff Gin

The Muff Liquor Company was established in 2017 by Laura Bonner and her business partner Tom Russell. They produce quality handcrafted distilled spirits and launched their flagship product Muff Irish Potato Craft Gin in 2018. This will be followed up by the launch of Muff Irish Potato Vodka. The prominent use of a potato base in its distilled spirits distinctly marks out The Muff Liquor Company from its competitors.

Inishowen native Laura was inspired by her grandfather Philip McClenaghan and his famous potato-based Poitín to start a company that not only embraces the fun and cheeky things in life but also upholds the values of hard work and tradition passed down through generations. It is with these values that The Muff Liquor Company proudly produces something born of the land and crafted by hand.
An illustration of Granda McClenaghan now adorns the back of each bottle produced by The Muff Liquor Company to honour those values he held dear.

Tel: +44 7818521957

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