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19 & 20 NOV 2019



UGO fresh

UGO Fresh app connects shops and restaurants with nearby customers. Our aims are to reduce food waste and at the same time to increase revenue for sellers of fresh food by giving them a platform to push last minute deals.
At the moment, shops have only 3 solutions to manage their food waste:
- Throw it away = bad for their business and for the social community
- Do on store offers= it's hard to reach clients who are aware of food waste.
- (Quite rarely) Give to charity = good for their image but this incurs much higher costs for their business
With our solution we give them a new way to solve this problem, a good solution for their business and for the community they serve.
Thanks to UGO Fresh, local communities act together to reduce food waste on a sustainable economic basis.
Giving to everybody the possibility to have great quality fresh food at a fair discounted price

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