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Tranxactor is a leading-edge provider of physical and digital gift card, loyalty, CRM and payment solutions to the retail and QSR industries. Our proprietary technology processes 3 million transactions every day for over 100 clients worldwide; our real-time platform enables retailers to engage, interact, communicate and transact with their customers in a timely and effective way.

In an increasingly competitive and tumultuous environment, the retail and hospitality sectors are driven by the need for ever greater customer insight in order to attract and then keep customers engaged and connected. Brands must differentiate themselves from competitors, but simply offering a one-size-fits-all gift card or loyalty program no longer cuts the mustard. More than ever before, the emphasis is now on truly understanding customer behaviour and using that knowledge to offer tailored incentives and rewards.

Tranxactor's expertise lies in collecting data from all touchpoints and channels: website, POS and back office systems to provide a single view of customers' buying behaviour and activity with the business. All data is hosted in strict keeping with the wishes and requirements of our clients - we are 100% GDPR-compliant.

Our securely-hosted Thor platform supports fully-customisable gift card and loyalty programs, giving retailers the flexibility to create bespoke solutions to assist in enhanced customer engagement. We are also ideally-suited to organisations operating a 'franchisee' model due to our advanced central settlement capabilities.

We enabled one of our clients to win 'Best Omnichannel Loyalty' award and another to win 'Best Use of Technology' at the recent Loyalty Magazine Awards - incorporating payment, voucher, mobile and loyalty into a single solution.

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