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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Tasty Trotter

Tasty Trotter is a well-established brand that offer a broad range of catering equipment ideal for hog roasts, BBQ's, weddings, parties or other events where people need feeding!
One of the most cost effective and efficient ways to feed a lot of people is via hog roast ovens. They provide a theatre that is always the centre of attention at any event. Pork remains one of the cheapest meats that is widely enjoyed so it is a natural choice for many event organisers. Tasty Trotter ovens can also cook any other meats, potatoes and vegetables with ease.

`We have used the machines to cook, pigs, lamb, joints, beef, venison, stag turkeys, jacket potatoes, the list goes on, it`s easy to clean and maintain, and having owned one for the last four years it`s still going strong and looks as new as it did on the first job.`

Following the initial success of Tasty Trotter`s first hog roast oven, they then developed a complimentary range of professional catering equipment all manufactured to the same high standards as their hog roast oven. This range now includes items such as a Mini Spit Roast, a Charcoal Spit Roast, a Griddle and a selection of knives and accessories to help get you started.

Tasty Trotter`s large solid griddle with optional BBQ top makes perfect BBQ food as does the smaller `Plancha` table top version. The griddle is ideal for bulk production of burgers, bacon, eggs and will keep food hot without too much drying out.

"Always a crowd puller at our show and when we use it at other times in the year, it makes good money for our show funds.` - IAN COOKE, CHAIRMAN

Tel: 01246 866 800

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