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19 & 20 NOV 2019




Washable, premium, long lasting menus. Money saving and dishwasher safe!

High quality menus that are so TUFF you can wash them every day in hot, soapy water. You can even put them through your glasswasher*!

Once you touch them, you`ll get it!

There had to something better than printing on a card and the laminating and sealing it in with a clear border. There had to be something classier than printing on plastic.

We print in colour on a special synthetic material then we carefully wrap it in a protective, clear matt casing. Then we cut it to its finished size without those horrible clear borders! We can cut them with straight edges ( we always round the corners ) round, oval or if you have a special shape you`d like your menu to be in we can do that too. Standard sizes - A3, Tabloid, Square, A4, Letter, A5, DL, Round..even a hole in the middle!

Remember .. Your menu is the ONLY piece of your marketing that goes through EVERY customers hands. It`s GOT to look good!

Save Money
No need to stockpile menus. Less really is more. How many covers do you have? How often do all those covers walk in at once? You only need that many with just a few replacements.

Superior Menu
Our quality menus feel and look good, standing up on their own with a smooth matt protective finish so you can wash them clean.

Brand Protection
How many times does a paper menu not get thrown out when it should? How tatty do they have to be before they get binned? SuperTuffMenus don`t fray or absorb moisture. With SuperTuffMenus there is no reason why you should ever get a bad review for a sticky dirty menu. Hygienic too!

See for yourself and get a free sample because once you touch it, you get it!

Tel: 0141 243 2084

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