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19 & 20 NOV 2019




SAVR is a technology solution that looks to increase your sales, reduce your costs, and connect you to your customers in a new way.

The app works by simply allowing customers to order their drinks from their phone, pay immediately via a saved card, and go up to a designated collection point to collect their drink, or have it delivered to their table, once they've been notified it's ready.

For our partners, we`ve been able to increase footfall, reduce costs, and increase our customer average spend by as much as 55%. This has been the product of turning time spent queuing into time spent consuming, as well as allowing customers to increase their drinks turnover by always ordering their next beverage in advance.

SAVR has proved that technology can provide a simple alternative to queuing which can bring multiple benefits to the nightlife industry whilst remaining simple and intuitive for bar staff and patrons. By increasing the customer`s choice surrounding how they interact with the bar, and cutting out queuing, SAVR can enhance the customer`s experience, whilst unlocking significant value to the bars, pubs and clubs of London, and beyond.

Come chat with us for more info, and to see how SAVR can look in your venue!

Tel: +44 7824 660140

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