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Salcombe Brewery Co.

Artisan beers from Salcombe, Devon available in Bottles & Draught.

Salcombe Beers include:

Devon Amber. Using all British hops to create an easy-drinking malt driven beer with a dry, yet sweet aftertaste backed up by traditional British hop aromas. (ABV: 3.8%). Available in 500ml bottles.

Seahorse. Sweet and smooth ale with a gentle spicy hop character and hints of burnt toffee, caramel and a smoked malty finish. (ABV: 4.4%). Available in 500ml bottles.

Lifesaver. Tasty bronze coloured ale with a pleasant malty flavour and a smack of citrus and orange peel with a floral finish. (ABV: 4.8%). Available in 500ml bottles.

Shingle Bay. Easy drinking golden ale with a.pleasant fruity aroma and a subtle crisp bite. Notes of blackberry and spiced fruit in the ale's aroma. (ABV: 4.2%). Available in 500ml bottles.

Salcombe Gold. A light harvest gold ale with a long hoppy finish, using North American hops which results in a citrus driven aroma and flavour supported by hints of melon, apricot and peach. (ABV: 4.2%). Available in 330ml bottles.

Salcombe Pale Ale. A classic pale ale with a twist that has its heritage embedded in the Salcombe citrus fruit trade. Using ingredients from the 19th century, this has produced a full bodied pale ale with a bouquet of orange, pink grapefruit and anise. This dry hopped pale ale boasts a robust structure and complex flavour. Available in 330ml bottles from early Spring 2018.

All beers are produced by two young, local brewers who bring a wealth of enthusiasm and creativity to the brewery. They believe the key to a well-brewed beer resides in the attention to detail and endeavour to keep the beers as consistent as possible, whilst using the best ingredients. Devon Amber now uses solely British hops which represents the Brewery's ambition to use as many local, British ingredients as possible. The local area produces some of the best meat and fish in the world and all of Salcombe's beers have been created with this in mind. The crisp finish of both Shingle Bay and Devon Amber goes particularly well with seafood. Salcombe Brewery Co. currently has a partnership with Mitch Tonks' restaurants "Rockfish" in the SW brewing their 'Seafood Coast' which has proved hugely popular with diners. All Salcombe beers are named with life by the sea in mind. The `Seahorse` logo is representative of the fact that the eelgrass meadows of the Salcombe Ria are home to 2 of the rarest of the British aquatic species. Salcombe Brewery is proud of it`s local surroundings and each beer reflects this.

Salcombe has been the voted the UK's favourite seaside town and is hugely popular in the Summer months. The town's population swells from 2,000 to 20,000 during this time and the beers reflect the laid-back, chilled out nature of a holiday by the sea. The brewery sits in the Devon hills with views towards the Salcombe Ria. It is fortunate to be situated above a decommissioned water reservoir which enables a natural, ambient temperature underground, perfect for storing ales. The site also comes with its own borehole which will be capable of supplying the brewery with its own pure Devonian water.

Tel: 01548 854888

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