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Purezza was conceptualised to provide a simple, contemporary, great tasting alternative to bottled water, by delivering premium dispensing solutions that enable venues to utilise their own locally-sourced water supply to offer to their customers. Not only does Purezza produce the highest aesthetic, taste and functional quality, the latest technologies are employed to ensure the offering is healthier, cleaner, better value and more socially responsible than traditional methods.

Purezza was launched in 2013 and over the last 6 years, the Purezza family has successfully grown and is now served in over 4,000 venues across 13 countries through-out Europe, North America and Australia with hundreds more joining each week. For further information about our company and our products, please visit our website.

What we do
Purezza is a fresh alternative to bottled water, enabling still and sparkling drinking water to be filtered and dispensed on-site. Specifically designed with hotel, restaurant and catering (HoReCa) organisations in mind, Purezza is a more sustainable and better tasting alternative to standard table water or single use bottles. Our end-to-end Purezza systems use the latest in filtration and carbonation technology. This guarantees beautifully balanced, high quality and great tasting water at your table, time after time. Our system is versatile and effortless to use and our Purezza experts are on hand to provide the best advice and support.

Our mission
To deliver premium, great tasting still and sparkling water to the HoReCa industry through high quality dispensing products and in so doing promoting sustainability and positive customer experiences.

Our key milestones
2013 - Purezza brand is created and launched in Australia to offer a premium water solution to the HoReCa market

2013 - Purezza brand is acquired by Waterlogic, a leading supplier of point-of-use water coolers

2016 - Purezza launches in France, Germany and The Netherlands, meeting market demand and changing consumer habits

2017 - Purezza launches in the United States of America, UK, Norway, Sweden, Ireland and Denmark meeting the rising demand, from the HoReCa market, for a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective on-demand water dispensing solution

2017 - Waterlogic acquires Aguaviva Spain adding to the Purezza family of brands

2017 - Waterlogic acquires Mayim Water business in New York City adding to the Purezza family of brands.

2018 - A bespoke Purezza branded counter-top range launched

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