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19 & 20 NOV 2019




The take-away market is about returning customers - NOT about acquiring new customers.

OrderYOYO helps take-away restaurants get their own digital ordering and engagement platform to handle all their digital orders and customers. Every restaurant get their own branded website (or ordering plug-in button for existing website) and apps (iOS + Android). Also they get a login to their online client portal to see statistics, edit menu, and much more. OrderYOYO`s system automatically help the restaurant communicate to its customers to remind them to order food again and again. Retention and frequency from returning customers goes up when using OrderYOYO platform.

OrderYOYO started back in 2013 where it came to the attention of the founders how very loyal take-away customers really are. It turns out that 80% of the orders that comes from food portals are from returning customers. If you look at all orders coming to a take away restaurant on any given day - more than 95% are from returning customers. There is no need for any middle men (food portals) for these orders. Returning, loyal customers should order directly from these restaurants.

The world is going digital. 80% of orders in the Nordics to some takeaway restaurants are going through digital platforms. We used to call our pizza guy - now we tab on our phones. Last Tuesdays order is one click away to re-order.

OrderYOYO is here to help the small to medium size takeaway restaurants get on the digital train - that has already left the station - and is headed for a even more digital world. A future world where if you are not digital - you will not survive...

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