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On The Wheel Fleet Services ltd

On The Wheel Fleet Service provides Takeaway food businesses hassle free way of using scooters to deliver their goods.

On the Wheel Fleet Services offers business the opportunity to acquire their delivery needs without the hassle and the cost of buying a motorcycle or scooter outright. Business Scooter leasing is an agreement between us and your business. The process is simple. You choose a scooter or motorcycle, pay the deposit, agree on a monthly payment and we deliver to your door. Fixed monthly payments will allow the company to budget. Vehicles can be kept new and updated, giving the business a positive and successful image. We can provide scooters and motorcycles for many applications and with the air quality in our towns and cities being so poor many companies are using our hassle free services.
Whats included.
• Bikes serviced 8 weekly
• Parts included in service: front and rear tyres, front and rear brakes, levers, mirrors, drive belts and rollers, air filter and oil filter
• Fully tracked
• Recovery with the RAC or AA
• Your business decals/logos
• Loan bike if vehicle is of road
• Rear rack and box

Customer Benefits
• Minimal deposit - typically one monthly rental
• Your rentals are 100% taxable against profits
• Additional line of credit for your business
• No part exchange or disposal issues - the vehicle is returned at the end of the agreement
• At the end of the contract, simply hand the vehicle back
• Reduce your businesses carbon foot print
• Noise pollution solution

Tel: 01273 020977

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