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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Mynu Operations GmbH

Mynu - Your new standard in modernization and technologization

Mynu is an App that enables your customers to directly access your Menu on their smartphone and permits today's demanding consumers of the digitalized century to order and pay independently.

Mynu has a never-ending range of uses whether it`s to Dine-In or Take-Out, we have completely revolutionized and optimized your restaurant service process. Now with mynu your service staff will find more time to focus on what truly is essential- Focusing on your customers!

With the help of the mynu App your customers will be able to:

• Access your menu in their own language without any waiting time
• See real images of menu dishes offered
• Inform themselves about allergens and triggers
• Order and reorder at any time with a single touch
• Pay independently without waiting for the bill
• Get up and leave whenever they finish

Benefits for the restaurant owner:

• Save up to 80% way of service
• Reduce the service staff`s load at peak hours
• Images of dishes say more than 1000 words
• No loss of sales due to long waiting times
• Hidden Tables are being served more efficiently
• Cross Selling and advertisement
• More profit due to faster handling of the customers
• Optimization of the workload
• Long term savings in service staff
• Works with every POS system

Mynu has been developed in Austria since 2016 and is currently being distributed in several European countries as well as in Asia.

Tel: +4368181181118

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