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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Lionman Delivery Ebike

Lionman as one of the main supplier for food delivery ebike, we design, configure and manufacture the ebike according to client`s requirement.Thanks for China`s low production cost and reliable bike accessories supplier, we are honor to provide high quality, durable & competitive ebike for you.

Since 2011

Lionman has been a product development partner for electrically assisted pedals cycles(EAPCS) and throttle electric bike in sports & leisure industries.

Lionman's product development team, manufacturing and distribution facilities around the globe and develop world-class solutions to serve its customer.

Innovative designs, continuous R&D studies and special craftsmanship have made Lionman the supplier of choice for the prominent OEM brands of the world. Lionman`s selection of premium accessories give the privilege to the end users with comfortable, durable, fashionable and qualified product.

Quality control with 100% inspection is backed up by a Lifetime Limited Warranty to ensure high customer satisfaction.

Lionman, having a history of craftsmanship blended in with innovation, fashion and functionality, designs, develops and manufactures bikes to satisfied end users requirement accordingly to different condition

Now Lionman team , together with 20000 squre meter production Area, experienced R&D team and innovative design team, we are looking forward to meet your demand.

1. Most of our bike occupied CE Certification which allow us to export to Europe and U.S
2. We understood some of the clients may have lower MOQ requirement, please feel free to contact us for the lower MOQ solution

Tel: 0086 13760899410

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