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19 & 20 NOV 2019



ICB Group

ICB Group is a chartered commercial insurance broker with 20 years experience in Food Delivery. Working together with industry giants, such as Domino`s Pizza, ICB Group have unrivalled expertise in providing the best solutions for Restaurants and Fast Food companies, arranging insurance for all their business needs.

Is your business at risk?

You may have the correct cover in place to protect your business premises, however, if you provide food delivery you must also ensure that your delivery drivers have the right cover in place, or you might be leaving your business vulnerable.

Under an area of the law called 'vicarious liability' an employer could also be drawn into a claim and help liable for compensation payments for third party injury or damage, which isn't covered under the driver's own motor insurance, if it can be shown that the driver was working for the business at the time of the incident.

Feel free to come and see us at the Expo (stand 2124) if you would like further advice on either Food Delivery Insurance, or other insurance related queries you might have. We will help you determine whether your business is exposed, and what actions to take if you are not fully covered.

You can also find more information about food delivery, or other sectors we work with, on our website.

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