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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Hewigo (UK) Ltd


Hewigo UK is the leading British manufacturer of frying ranges. We were one of the first companies to introduce high efficiency burners into our equipment and a programme of constant refinement means that your range will be one of the most technologically advanced available.

Whilst almost all our ranges are manufactured in the UK, you also benefit from the development work of our Dutch parent company. Hewigo`s aim is to help you to save money without any compromise on quality.

Our standard ranges offer exceptional value but you can, as most of our customers do, choose from an extensive range of optional features and finishes to improve the performance and presentation of your range - so vital in such a competitive environment.

Over the years customers regularly comment on the build quality of our ranges and it is recognised within the trade that our all round service is second to none.

Hewigo can produce mobile ranges to your bespoke specifications. These are not the usual mobile systems but quality ranges individually designed and fitted into your van or trailer.
Those we have manufactured have been used by owners of existing shop businesses to extend their revenue by having a presence at fairs, shows, sporting events, exhibitions etc. and are seen as a valuable source of extra business.

Recently we've seen an interest in Dutch Belgium Fries within the UK. At Hewigo we've taken this idea and created the CHIPBIKE. The chipbike has two computerised high efficiency frying pans. You hand chip fresh organic potatoes into a basket, double fried and served in a cone with a splash of mayonnaise. The chipbike will create interest at any outdoor event or festival, we also think it could be used to expand and promote an existing fast food establishment.

We look forward to seeing you at the launch of the CHIPBIKE at Street Food Live 2018.

Tel: 01215449120

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