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OrderLord provides new generation software solutions to the restaurant industry.

From Delivery Management and POS systems through KDS, HR & Driver apps to Order Tracker and almost 50 integrations, Orderlord is the one stop shop that you need to minimise your costs and maximise your potential.

OrderLord is working with a modern technology which enables fast software performance, quick software changes and fast release cycles. We are doing our best to ensure that you have a better experience day by day choosing our cloud based restaurant solutions.

With us you can choose one module, or decide to have it all together.

An intelligent Delivery Management system, having an AI based AutoDispatch being your best friend in the peak hours. The functionality is grouping, assigning and dispatching orders all by itself, while you have more time to focus on other side of your restaurant's operations. Not only that, it will show your driver the best possible route with the arrival estimate based on life traffic data!

An easy-to-use Point of Sale system built side by side with store owners. Add the Kitchen Display screens having single or multiple stations in your kitchen. If you choose more, then split the screens by food type, add the orders grouping option, customize the view and have your kitchen workflow smoother.

Live reporting
For any operator live reporting is essential. View your store performance, sales data and much more even from the comfort of your home with your web based reports.

Driver app
Give all necessary information to your drivers with OrderLord Driver app. Let them navigate, notify the customer for any changes, have an overview of all delivered orders and more.

Order tracker
Keep your customer informed with a nice customer-facing solution which shows your clients where their food is.

Having almost 50 integrations, OrderLord can provide almost any type of solution you would need for your business. Now partnering with delivery giants like Just Eat and Deliveroo, you can have all the manual data entering left behind and see your orders coming directly to your OrderLord POS system. Minimise the human errors and improve the efficiency in your restaurant operations. Use the time in the right way and focus on your product quality.

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