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19 & 20 NOV 2019



MONK Conveyors

We are a UK manufacturer of Sushi and Industrial Conveyors. We are presenting our New Food Delivery Robot where the Kitchen can send food directly to the customers table. If you have a large restaurant, this system will reduce customer waiting time and improve the customers dining experience. The food or item is places onto the Robot, the chef then uses the tablet to send the Robot to the correct table. The Robot will then automatically return to the kitchen once the food has been removed.
The Delivery Robot can hold all types of things including Pizza, promotional products and even Drinks!
We are also the UK distributor of AUTEC sushi rice machines which can reduce the staff needed to make your sushi! Your trained and experienced sushi chefs can spend their time on different aspects of cooking rather than the rice. From washer to Nigiri makers, we have it.

Tel: 01252 369800

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