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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Ecovery Innovations

Commercial Kitchen Sustainability, SAVE £000's pa with KERS Heat Recovery.

A British proprietary designed and manufactured system. Our innovative waste heat recovery system (KERS) is operating successfully in many well-known restaurants savings them many tens of thousands each year.

Ecovery Innovations offers a range of solutions to improve efficiencies to provide energy saving products that lower carbon emissions and operating costs in the food and hospitality industries.

One of these solutions is our highly acclaimed Kitchen Energy Recovery System (KERS) which provides effective waste heat recovery harvested from prime cooking equipment (fat fryers, salamander grills, solid top ovens etc).

This wasted energy can be directed to: pre-heating the water feed to the main water heaters; heating make-up air; the upgrading of the supply to dishwashers thereby reducing the energy consumed by up to 7 kW; feeding space heating system boilers to wet or blown air systems.

All this adds up to some impressive annual savings off your energy bills along with a big contribution to reducing your restaurants' carbon footprint. NOW THAT`S SUSTAINABILITY IN ACTION SAVING CO2e. The system will pay for itself in less than three years and we have some easy 3/5 year finance arrangements which can make this happen from the P&L rather than a one-off capital cost.

GREAT NEWS: KERS has now qualified for a low carbon grant of up to a third off installation costs (subject to availability and T&C's).

With finance costs lower than the savings made, commercially, this is a no brainer, delivering back to your bottom line.

Please visit our stand to pick up a leaflet and hear first hand how our innovative KERS can do the same for you. Further references and press coverage are available on our website:

Note - We are able in some instances to provide 3,000 litres of hot water a day from one commercial kitchen. The savings attributed are calculated based on your tariff charge for gas/electricity that would have been charged to heat the water to the programmed temperature.

Designed as an unobtrusive retrofit, utilising a simple but intelligent design, our proprietary heat exchanger is capable of dealing with extreme temperature variances.

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