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Eco WMT Group Limited

Eco Tabs: 100% Environmentally Friendly Solution to combat FOG

eco-tabs™ are the most cost effective, innovative treatment for grease traps in all food service venues, and is 100% environmentally friendly.

Eco Tabs are solid, sustained release tablets which provide active oxygen, nutrients, buffers and safe AEROBIC micro- organisms to help clean, deodorise and keep grease trap systems running efficiently with reduced downtime. These tablets allow food service operators to GO GREEN, SAVE money and PROTECT their business.

Eco Tab: 100% Environmentally Friend Solution to combat Uric Acid build-up

Eco Tabs uric acid tablets are unique and 100% environmentally friendly. All other products simply mask odours and do not get to the root of the problem - namely uric acid build-up that corrodes metal and plastic pipework and fittings. Eco Tabs digest uric crystals and prevent further build-up without damaging pipework and fittings. Odours are also removed naturally.

Eco Tabs Benefits

• Each tablet contains over 5 billion bacterial CFU
• Natural ingredients, 100% non-toxic and 100% environmentally friendly
• 100% safe for human, animal, aquatic, avian and wildlife
• No PPE required
• Dosage - typically one tablet per urinal per month, dependent on footfall
• Product link - Bunzl Product Code 044009
• MSDS and technical data available upon request Kindest Regards

Tel: 0844 381 4708

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