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19 & 20 NOV 2019




E-Bike Nederland BV specially designed the Deliver Ebike for delivery services and is continuously improved and updated with the latest technology. The Deliver Ebike has supplying in Europe for over a year now to major chains such as Domino's Pizza and Burger King.

The electric delivery bicycle can withstand a beating and is by far most effective delivery method for short distances. In the big cities the Deliver Ebike averages faster times over the course longer distances, due to its flexible manuverability. The electric delivery bicycle is extensively tested in our Ebike Development Centre, which also serves as the headquarter in Cuijk, The Netherlands.

The parts are deliberately chosen and created specifically to ensure that the Deliver Ebike is indestructuble and can fulfil its delivery job perfectly. By using components from the best brands, the delivery bicycle is robust, secure and built to lasts long.

To ensure perfect operation of the Deliver Ebike, we provide a full operational lease package which is also recommended by our clients. So you have nothing to worry about and you are always assured of a perfect Deliver Ebike!

Tel: 0031 485 794 557

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