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26 & 27 NOV 2019


Cino Printer

Cino Printer personalizes your own coffee and prints on it.
Print on cappuccino, coffee, ice cream, beer, cakes, milkshakes. With touch screen, intuitive and quick to use, customize your drinks to help you make your business.
The low production cost allows the gain for the business that uses it, thus creating not only a new innovative service. Printing your favorite image is easy: send your company's logo, a selfie, etc. with Wi-Fi from your mobile phone or computer.
The new software allows you to change the image in contrast and brightness.

-How much does it costs? 1690€, shipping costs excluded.
-How much does the ink cartridge cost? 50€.
-How long does the cartridge last and how many prints can i make? After activating the cartridge has a duration of 90 days and it can make 700/800 prints.
-How long does it take to print an image? It takes 20-30 seconds onwards, depends on size and type of image.

Tel: +390952163344

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