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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Buzbees Beverages

Low Calorie Fresh Tasting Flavoured Tonics

Finding a refreshing drink on a hot summers day, evening out or the perfect drink for dinner with friends isn`t easy especially when faced with a vast array of brands and flavours, so our mission is cut through all the confusion and only offer premium low-calorie products and exquisite flavours for all to enjoy.

Why not try one of our Tonics
Indian Tonic
Light Tonic
Passion Fruit
Pink Grapefruit
and our Ginger Ale

A radically fresh combination of flavours that contain natural ingredients selected with extreme care. The result is a creation that unleashes a freshness inspired by a desire to deliver an unmistakable taste. It is easy to see why our range has become the consumers first choice as they are both light and refreshing suitable for a range of tastes and occasions. Our range offers freshness and choice you`d expect to find from a leading supplier. Healthy doesn`t have to be boring, we only use the freshest, realest ingredients in all our drinks along with 100% natural honey - the healthier alternative to sugar.

Tel: 01543 471744

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