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19 & 20 NOV 2019



BMH Labels and Packaging Ltd

Next time when a pizza is delivered to your doorstep, just take a moment to admire the box which it arrived in.. We care what car we buy, how safe we get from point A to point B.

What about your food?

It`s really something we should be paying attention to. We have revolutionized the way to keep take-out food safe until it reaches the customers.

The solution is simple: a smart lock with perforation!!

Food will be safe until customers open the box, delivery guys will not be blamed or lie under suspicion until the box is delivered hence the customers will be 100% confident with food hygiene.

The box which we have invented is safe and smart because it doesn`t add any hardware apart from just a simple perforation which makes the box completely tamper proof.

We believe that one of the biggest challenges faced by take-out restaurants is the safety of the food and we are sure that customers would like to know that their food is tamper proof on the way to their home.

Once the box has been closed and locked, the only way to reopen it is by physically damaging the box itself.

The physical damage necessary to reopen the box is directed by the perforations along pre-determined fault lines so the customers can neatly open the box.

It has always been about three things: compression and cushioning and ventilation. With our box, we added a fourth element to this. That is safety.

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