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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Barrus Ltd

Barrus are the UK distributors for the Silence brand of two and three-wheel electric urban scooters, the ideal solution for delivery and courier services.

The latest three-wheel variants offer massive load capacity up to 350 litres with a highly visible platform to advertise your brand, and they can still be ridden on an entry-level motorcycle/scooter licence. New Euro 4 Electric scooters have a host of advanced features including, LED lighting, combined braking systems, and removable batteries for quick changeovers. Up to 6kWh of power offers ranges from 60 to 120 miles on one charge, and advanced apps monitor and facilitate scooter sharing.

Not only do the latest generation of electric machines win on vastly reduced maintenance charges (less than 30% of the petrol equivalent), fuel costs are 80% lower than a typical petrol powered machine and road tax is free. One area where traditional scooters cannot compete is noise pollution. If you are managing a fleet in the urban environment then noise pollution and potential complaints can have a serious impact on your operation.

Without a doubt, the investment in electric machine fleets offers a tangible return, not only economically, but also environmentally. Hence key industry fleet users including Correos, Just Eat and Dominos to name but a few are already converting to the Silent revolution.

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